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Clematis as cut flowers

Our own experience with cut flowers of clematis have been quite good although we have not really followed the recommended ways of conditioning the flowers. For that reason, we have been too late in picking them and have to transport the flowers long distances where they have been laying loose in a polystyrene box, but by treating them like roses if they were wilting, they have been up and standing turgid next morning again.

A single flower in a saucer or shallow bowl is very nice and makes a good effect.

Selecting a Clematis flower:

While selecting a Clematis flower for picking you should choose a flower with a thick strong stem, so they will not bend when picked. Choose a flower that has just opened or only partly open; 2/3 or so. (florists burn the cut with a lighter) After selecting a flower the foliage should be removed in order to slow transpiration, then place the stem immediately in to cold water as deep as possible. Let the flower sit over night to be conditioned. Next morning a new cut under water, so no air is allowed to enter the stem and then place in their final vase (some varieties will hang if they are placed to deep in water). Fresh water each day is recommended and remember to top up the water level, their large flowers use quite a bit of water.

Preserving seed heads

Seed-heads can be preserved in glycerine.

Seed heads are collected when fully developed, but not when in the fluffy stage. Put the freshly cut stem ends into a mixture of 1/3 glycerine and 2/3 boiling water, stir thoroughly and use while still very hot. The mixture should be 5 cm deep in a jar or similar container, stalks and leaves will turn rich brown while seed-head will be slightly paler and keep the silky texture. The jar needs to be placed in a cool, but dry place out of bright light. The seed-head is ready when the colour is even and the leaves slightly oily to touch.

Take care!

Grooming of clematis is not risk free, the sap from them can irritate your skin, even burn it. Do not touch your face especially the eyes (says Merry) when working with fresh green material. The Cl. flammula is recorded to have been used by the Beggars in Rome when Nero was emperor year 54 to 68. They would rub the leaves on their hands where it caused blisters in order to get more from their almsgiver.

Always burn prunings from Clematis!

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