Yaku Nursery
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Yaku Nursery was founded in 1989 by the husband and wife team: Peer and Merry Sorensen. The property had a large nursery and a beautiful lake garden, where many Clematis grow companionably with Peer and Merry’s original love: Rhododendron. The name Yaku comes from the Rhododendron species yakushimanum.

The nursery originally started out specialising in Rhododendron, with Clematis as a sideline. Over the years, Peer started dabbling more and more with propagating Clematis, until he became one of the leading suppliers and specialists of these delightfully pleasing plants. As his passion took over, the nursery followed suit and now offers Clematis to retail and trade customers alike.

Over the last 40 years, Peer has perfected his techniques and created many varieties that are only available from Yaku Nursery and selected suppliers.

From early 2021 Yaku Nursery began downsizing and has shifted to a mail order only business. It is no longer possible to visit the nursery production site, but hopefully in time, the garden will be open to viewing during festivals.

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